Recycled Cardboard Boxes: Benefits For Users

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated cardboard boxes, mostly used for shipping products and materials and is also quite often reused. Cardboard is quite durable and weather resistant and does not need any special treatment. However, the term cardboard is seldom used by experts in the industry as it doesn’t denote any particular material in itself. Rather, it refers to any transparent covering made of a polystyrene material.

Cardboard has a number of advantages and benefits over other materials handling options. Cardboard boxes help decrease space clutter and offer an elegant and sophisticated appearance to any place cardboard boxes. Apart from being used in the residential sector, cardboard boxes are also used widely in commercial sectors. For example, book keeping, ticketing, and financial documentation, among others, all depends on a uniform and standardised form of packaging material for various purposes. In the case of electronic products, the use of a non-conductive covering decreases the incidence of static electricity (ESI) formation and extends the life of electronic devices.

Over the years, cardboard has been used extensively for various packaging needs. It has been used to pack musical instruments and books since the early 20th century. Moreover, boxes consisting of translucent material have been used extensively for the purpose of decorative packaging in many stores. A number of studies have also revealed that the use of such boxes helps in reducing the consumption of petroleum by 70 percent.

The manufacturing process of the paperboard box follows a conventional production process. As part of the procedure, solid core sheets of paperboard are manufactured by adding glue and wood glue to a backing of polystyrene sheet. After the manufacturing process is complete, boxes coated with a special UV resistant coat are supplied to the buyers. These boxes feature a smooth exterior finish and are available in different thicknesses and sizes product postal boxes.

Cardboard boxes manufactured using recycled materials can be reused by providing additional protection to the goods during storage. For instance, a packing of dry food in thermal storage bag using corrugated cardboard with lead-free backing will serve the purpose. Similarly, cardboard boxes stacked in a standard glass recycling bin can be used to store and protect delicate electronic appliances like televisions, computers and other electrical goods. A number of manufacturers are offering special re-useable packing options in their products.

Today, a number of manufacturing companies offer lucrative discounts on packaging materials of all kinds. For instance, if the corrugated boxes being used to fill a thermal storage bag are bought at a discount rate of 50 percent, then the overall cost involved in the entire process would be very less. This not only helps in saving energy resources and money, but also promotes eco-friendly packaging materials.

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